Goodbye Lact-Aid, My Frenemy

nursing with a Lact-Aid nursing supplementer

(Note: this is a post about my experience using a Lact-Aid nursing supplementer after my 27-weeker preemie was born. I mostly share my feelings here, but if you have any specific questions please leave them in comments or email me privately if you prefer and I will answer them.) Yesterday I got … [Continue reading]

A few posts on no-spend challenges

no spend challenge

If you're inspired to launch your own fiscal freeze, here are a few noteworthy folks doing a no-spend challenge that offer great tips. The Mom on Purpose is doing a YEAR-long spending freeze. Whew, I'm not worthy. LivingWellSpendingLess hosted several no-spend challenges in October.  In 4 … [Continue reading]

Disclosure: I went to IKEA


IKEA antics from a previous trip. We didn't buy any flat packed furniture this time. I've been staying out of stores as much as possible unless … [Continue reading]

2 years without shopping

shopping ban

I enjoyed this article by Cait Flanders about her two-year shopping ban. (She also had a list of exceptions as I do with my No-Spend Summer. She … [Continue reading]

Homeschool plan for 2016/17

Homeschool Plan 2016/17

As soon as summer begins, I feel the itch to nail down a plan for our homeschool for the next year. I can't relax and enjoy my summer until I get some … [Continue reading]

Think inside the box (truck)

I love reading stories like this. They restore my faith in humankind, for one. In a world filled with people who would rather whine about their … [Continue reading]

This crunchy, frugal mama doesn’t make her own laundry detergent


I'm about to make a radical statement. Are you sitting down? This ultra-frugal, crunchy mama doesn't make her own homemade laundry … [Continue reading]

So we got our electric bill yesterday and…

... it's $150 LESS than this time last year. I've kept the thermostat at 81. The only one to complain was my 15 year old son, but two days ago he … [Continue reading]

Carl Richards, author and financial planner, approves of my No-Spend Summer

I found Carl Richards' articles on the New York Times website and have been enjoying reading through them. Carl is a certified financial planner … [Continue reading]

When you have an income problem, not a spending problem

When I listened to the Dave Ramsey radio show, I often heard him tell a caller that they didn't have a budget or a spending problem. They had an … [Continue reading]