Summer bucket list update decluttering version

decluttering my storage closets

One of the items on my summer bucket list was decluttering and reorganization of my storage closets. The house we're living in now has an insane amount of storage, more than any house I've ever lived in. I'm pretty proud of the fact that most of these storage closets are at least half empty, but … [Continue reading]

How to paint a 5 year old’s fingernails


People who know me well often tell me I need to write a book. (Note: if you didn't know, I have written several short ebooks, but they're talking about Real Books that are sold in bookstores.) Upon further inquiry, they sometimes suggest that the book be based on funny anecdotes about life … [Continue reading]

Curriculum buying frenzy: science

As I mentioned here in my post about creating a homeschool curriculum inventory, I can't relax and enjoy my summer until the homeschool plan is set … [Continue reading]

Recently read: June & July

You know what I hate about putting off my "recent reads" post? I end up forgetting some of the titles I've read. I haven't yet figured out a good … [Continue reading]

Goals Update: On Courage

On having courage and listening to my gut

I posted about my goals for the year here, and updated in March and April, but haven't since. The year is more than half over, it's certainly time for … [Continue reading]

Technical difficulties


I won't spend too much time discussing this, lest I engage in that internet faux pas known as metablogging. It's been very hard to come here … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Inventory

creating a homeschool inventory

Every summer I get this feeling of panic. It only subsides when I figure out what we're doing for next year's homeschool. That's right. I can't … [Continue reading]

A Summer Bucket List

A Summer Bucket List @

Ah, summer. It's wonderful to feel the warm sun on my skin. We have a more relaxed schedule (homeschool's out!). Our community pool will be opening … [Continue reading]

No Complain Month

no complain month

A couple of months ago, I read this article about how complaining damages the brain. An excerpt: When we complain, our brains release stress … [Continue reading]

When Gluten Free Isn’t a Fad

My handsome son. I got his permission to post about him here.

First there's a backlash, then a backlash to the backlash. Once, wheat was considered the staff of life. But in recent years, research has been … [Continue reading]