Basic Information about Keypad Door Locks

Modern mankind has moved far from the traditional lock everyone of us knows. Some of the most advanced contemporary locks are keypad door locks which offer supreme security to residential and business buildings. The main difference between the traditional and keypad door locks is that the latter don't require any key, but can open and lock the door with the help of a keypad. The only thing you'll need to do is to simply enter a secret pin code on the electronic keypad. Sometimes keypad door locks are equipped with biometric features, for instance, an eye reader, a fingerprint or a slot for entering an electronic card of personal authentication. This system with no key offers many benefits that make it a great option for a number of purposes. In many cases, this lock system is much better than a locking system with a key.

So, what are the advantages of keypad door locks? First of all, you decrease the chances of staying out of your house or business office in case if you have lost or forgotten a key. This is not about the inconvenience only but such a situation can lead to drastic money expenses you'll need to go through. For example, if you haven't found a spare key or if you need much time to wait while a new key arrives from a contractor, the current lock has to be either replaced or broken. Of course, both of these procedures will result in the door damage and great money expenses. But if your door is equipped with a keypad door lock, you will not have to worry about such a situation because there is nothing to lose, I mean a key. However, you may suspect that the pin code is compromised but don't be in a hurry to change the lock. All you'll have to do is to change the pin code only. This procedure is very easy and fast.

A keypad door lock is especially perfect for families with schoolchildren who tend to come home earlier than their parents do, some turapur pitcher. The homeowners won't need to hide copies of the keys under mats or in flower pots for their children to retrieve them and unlock the door. First of all, hiding your keys somewhere near is too risky as they can be found by wrong people. Frequently, intruders spy rich people as well as observe where and how the keys are hidden and then come in the most unexpected moment. Are you sure you need to risk your children's security and safety?

Such risky situations can be easily avoided with an electronic door lock but before using it it's recommended to consult your family members as for what number combination it is better to choose for your door. You can also program your miraculous lock to get biometric identification for every member of your family. In this way, parents will be sure that no one will open their house without a special unlock code. Besides, biometric finger data of other people will not be accepted by the system and your children will be completely safe until you come home.

Regular door locks can be picked and compromised very easily. There is always a risk that someone copies your key and one day gets into your house. Besides, it's not a difficult task for an intruder to get a key from an occupant who has previously lived in your house. But keypad door locks can't be tampered that easily. If the door is located not far from the window a burglar can get through it and open the door through the window. That's why you're recommended to purchase a double-sided keypad lock that can't be open neither from the outside nor from the inside. For better security, prepare different pin codes for different sides of the door.