Common Decorative Garage Door Hardware Parts and More

A garage is a necessity for people with cars nowadays. Unfortunately, few of them really know what parts their garage door has. As a result they can't even determine the cause of its malfunctioning when it happens, look trugreen lawn care. There're diverse types of garage doors sold and produces throughout the Unites States. However, there are common parts of hardware used for all types of carport gates.

The most widely used styles of carport gates include raised panel, flush, recessed panel, and ranch designs. Most US citizens, however, often prefer carport gates with groove or smooth panels which are decorated with special inserts or glass. So, it's important to choose a design that complements the general style of a house.

So, common garage door hardware parts are:

1. Screens: these are mainly used by homeowners to keep their gates free from pests and flies. These screens can be also used during the season of rains when the space is turned into an entertainment area and an individual has an opportunity to enjoy the view of the rain. These screens have a hook fastening strip that can be fixed with the carport gate's header. One of the benefits of these screens is their ability to be rolled down when needed. Usually these products have magnetic pieces that keep the gate closed.

2. Springs: these come in two types: extension and torsion springs.

3. Extension springs are installed along the right, left, and upper tracks of the door. As it can be seen from their name, these springs stretch to make the gate function in the proper way.

4. Torsion springs are usually wound up on the rod on the upper part of garage doors. The gates usually use both types of springs on both sides.

Decorative Garage Doors Hardware

The contemporary market offers exclusive decorative hardware designs which complement all models and styles of wooden garage doors and gates. The most common pieces of decorative garage door hardware include door handles, nails, hinges, and door knockers. These are available in black and rust coloured finishes, and are produced from powder-coated wrought iron. You can easily find a whole range of ornamental hardware online to match the designs of your wood garage doors and. Just contact the online team of specialists to equip your custom designed gate or garage door with these excellent decorative garage door hardware pieces.

Handles and Hinges

Probably, the first components noticed by anyone are the handles and hinges. The online collection of handles and strap hinges presents several unique styles. All of the pieces are produced from high quality materials.

Door Knockers

These important pieces of decorative garage door hardware are produced from the best quality metal that doesn't rust. The door knockers are able not only to add style to your garage, but also improve its functionality. These pieces are available in four different styles to stylize your garage door or gate.


These are metallic buttons that remind iron spikes of a greater size. The style and design of your garage doors and gates will be put in a completely different category with these accessories. You will find more than ten different designs of clavos to match into any custom doors and gates!

Decorative garage door hardware can be purchased in different US cities from specialized garage door shops. All American Door Co offers only supreme quality pieces.